example graphicVideo Message


The easiest way to record & send videos in a text message via SMS. Unlimited video size. You can send large video message by it. Send Video SMS worldwide through your Android Smartphone’s. Download video message app and start sharing your Video messages via sms to your friends and family. Imagine a way to communicate your messages with more expression and feeling than ever before. Something that could take minutes to describe in text, can be explained in a few seconds in a video. Use video Message to record & send video message via SMS. It is easy to use, with the quick dials feature 3 touches are enough to send a message. Recipient receives normal SMS with a link to stream your video message. The video message can be included your own natural voice. Your Video Message can be retrieved on most mobile phones including iPhones.

example graphicFree Online Games

There are  online games Area. Unlimited games will be filled in it. Now, there are 16 games in it.  Include some famous  game, eg. fishing,tetris, fruit and so on. Their numbers of game will continue to increase in it. All of the games is free. Enjoy you by them. Play them now, you will  be happy.Good luck.

example graphic Instagram Filter

Photo effects and cool filters for your local photos. It offers all of instagram-like photographic filters that users can apply to their images.It includes the following filters, Normal,Vintage,Lomo,Clarity,Sin City,Sunrise,Cross Process,Orange Peel,Love,Grungy,Jarques,Pinhole, Old Boot,Glowing Sun,Hazy Days,Her Majesty,Nostalgia,Hemingway,Concentrate.It is easy to use. Drag a picture, select a filter, download picture.And it is Free.Browser Compatibilityrer Google Chrome.

example graphic Easy Video Chat

Easy video chat offers a free, easy, quick way video chat across all platforms-windows PC,mac book,linux device,iphone,ipad,android phone,chromebook. This service is open and designed to help users find, interact and communicate with their friends across social networks and devices. It is very easy to use. Only 3 step, you can video chat with your friends. And you can share the application on your social networks. This service is free. Browser Compatibilityrer Google Chrome.