HERE(Free Send GPS Location via SMS or Email base google map link)

SteelSoft's HERE is a free Send GPS Location Application.
You can use it to find your location, then lets you send a link with that location to a friend,
family member, business associate and so on.
When the intended recipient receives the link, they can click on it to open a dynamic map
that displays your location in real-time.
Rather than being yet another social network that you have to fill out a profile for,
invite friends, and all the other usual hassles,
SteelSoft's HERE requires no registration or login.
senders and receivers can zoom in zoom out map,
and change map type, include roadmap satellite terrain hybrid.

Download SteelSoft HERE   ScreenShot

SteelSoft Web Radio Free Listen to more than 7000 internet radio stations from 50 countries by the web pages.

Free Travel helper(base IP to Location tech)

SteelSoft's Free Travel helper is a free web service base IP to  Location tech. It is a geo IP solution to help you to identify your geographical location and to know local related information , i.e. country, region, city, ZIP code, timezone,weather, Ip address.

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