SteelSoft image to text v1.0  

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SteelSoft image to text software is an intelligent OCR application that convert your scanned digital photographs into editable and searchable text-based formats. Why it? When you read a book or watch a newspaper, you see these wonderful content, how to convert them to text in your computer? The old way is a expense of hundred dollars, buy a scanner, scanning the paper, to get text. Now, we offer you a new solution. Use your mobile phone or camera take photos which you need, copy them to your computer, use this software extract text from your photos, you can easy edit the text-based content by this software.
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How much is it?
Only, $39.99. It is much cheaper than other company's similar products.
Competitive comparison
ABBYY FineReader's function and recognition correct  rate is as same as it. But But it's too expensive.
ABBYY FineReader's price is $399.99. But SteelSoft Image To Text can be lower to $39.99. You can save 90%.
How to get registration code?
Click the 'buy it' button to buy it by paypal.
We will send your registration code to you in two working days.
How to get our support?
If you have any question of our products,Do not hesitate to contact us.Please send us email, our support email address is will help you as soon as possible.
What are the System requirements?
-windows 7,windows vista;
-installed MS Office.