example graphicSteelSoft Free Internet Radio is a good free internet radio with featured.

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Listen to more than 7000 internet radio station from 50 countries.
gourped into more than 500 genres.
Sort by Name, country,genre, popularity.
Filter by countries.
add radio stations to 'Favorites'; 
record recent playing stations.
Play radio station at web page, record the page, you can play it anywhere, not need to installed client
Share your favorite radio station page on your facebook, twitter and so on.

Review by Softoxi.com editor

Softoxi.com lab testing team would like to inform you that your product SteelSoft Internet Radio has been listed, reviewed and awarded by our editors:

In this age of technology and constant development, the number of Internet radio station is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, more people will need an application that helps them listen to their favorite online radio stations. It is hard to find a reliable and friendly software to satisfy this need, as many of these software are hard to use or require a lot of your computer resources. The easy to use SteelSoft Internet Radio application is a smart and simple solution that will enable you to listen to your favorite radio stations with convenience.

The handy SteelSoft Internet Radio utility has a simple, clean and intuitive graphical user interface while retaining all features one would expect from such an application. You are able to easily switch between radio stations, start and stop playback, change volume and organize the radio list by various elements, such as: name, popularity, country, region and genre. You will also be able to see the radios name and bites/second. This powerful tool will automatically scan all the radio stations available in your country and offer you a very comprehensive list of choices so that you may sit back and enjoy.

If you take into consideration the fact that the useful SteelSoft Internet Radio program is provided as a freeware, then there shouldn't be any reason left to stop you from giving it a try and having a great time listening to your favorite radio station.

To sum it all up, if you need a lightweight, smart and intuitive application that will allow you to listen to all the radio stations in your country then a great solution is offered by the easy to use SteelSoft Internet Radio software.


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