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Folder SafeBox is a powerful and easy-to-use program for File Encryption.It can Lock, encrypt, back up, shred and manage your files, folders. It can hide/encrypt any folder including removable hard disk. Super easy to use, drag the files/folders from Explorer into the safebox, encrypt and compress them automatically, and drag out them from safebox to Explorer, decrypt and uncompress them automatically, It's so simple. 256-bit Official encryption, no one can crack them if you did not tell him your password. And It is the fastest one of File Encryption software. It is perfectly compatible with every Windows platform (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7).

                          Its features:
 -Password protect your photos, movies, documents or any other files using 256bit encryption.
-256-bit Official encryption, no one can crack your files protected by it.
-It provides the fastest encryption.
-Encrypted documents are automatically compressed. Save space on your hard disk.
-Super easy to use, Enter your password. Dragged into / out of your document into it, it will automatically compress / encrypt your documents, automatically extract / decrypt your document.
-Powerful backup feature. Back up encrypted files to the directory you specify hard drive or USB drive.And Easy import your backup file to it.
-Online help.
-Email support.

How much is it?
Its price is $29.99. But now, almost 70% off, only $8.99 this month.
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How to get our support?
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Help && ScreenShot:

Login && Set Password(Set your password, if done, login. It will not keep your password. To log in, it will record a hash of your password. Your password is safe, if you do not spill your password.Your files are safe in it. 265-bit level of encryption. No one can break. )

File/Folder Protection(From the file explorer or desktop, drag the file to be protected into safebox. The Safe box will automatically compress and encrypt files and folders .Your files are safe in it. 265-bit level of encryption. No one can break.Encrypted documents are automatically compressed. Save space on your hard disk.)

Use the Protected File/folder(Drag the encrypted file from SafeBox into the file explorer or desktop. The SafeBox can automatically decrypt and decompress the file/folder)

Backup Protected File/Import Backup File( Back up encrypted files to the directory you specify hard drive or USB drive.And Easy import your backup file to it.)


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