EasyAnimatorProfessional v2.0  download   ($9.98)

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Makes it easy to create fast loading, high-impact Web animations.Create compact animation from the Web video. Create, edit, and add picture to animated GIF images. It is perfectly compatible with every Windows platform (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7).

                          Its features:
-Create animation from image files.
-Easy continuous screenshots, can create compact animation by them.
-Modify the animation file, add, delete frame.
-Change animation size, highly, width,play speed.
-Extraction image and save them as .bmp .jpg .png file from animation files.
-Easy to use, drag and drop images to processes them. Cuts production time  with simple drag-and-drop object-based editing. Support next step and next step use way.
-Online help.
-Email support.

How much is it?
Its price is $9.98 only .
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How to get the registration code?
We will send it to you after you buy in two business days.
How to get our support?
If you have any question of our products,Do not hesitate to contact us.Please send us email, our support email address is support@steelsoftlab.com.We will help you as soon as possible.
What related software?
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Help && ScreenShot:

Main Windows:
Create New Animation or Modify to choose, and click next button to do. There are two buttons in the interface, The helop and register buttons, click them to get help online and register it.

Creating an animation:
Way 1:(Create from image files)
Step 1: drag and drop the image files(inculde .bmp .jpg .png format files) from file explorer to it as animation frames according to order.

Step 2: Set the delay time and width height of the animation you want to create.

Step 3: Click the next button to create the animation file.

step 4: click the Open Animation File Button to view the file your created
you can find it is selected in an the EasyAnimatorProfessional folder.
double click the .gif file to view it.

Way 2:
Create compact animation from the Web video.
step 1: choose the option, select from screenshot
Step 2: Set screen capture time interval and the number of screenshots, after setting, click the Done

Step 3: open your web video or any video, click mouse to choose the area for capture.  When your mouse up, capture is begin, then wait for its capture.
eg.  capture an live video from ifeng.com and create them to animation, with 3/10 second interval, 20 times of screenshots.
open the live video link http://v.ifeng.com/vblog/dv/201110/1d211a7b-ba45-4dfe-a5a7-242d67fe4652.shtml
Do the step 3.  you can get the compact animation file.
And you can extraction frame and save them as .bmp .jpg .png file.

Modify animation File:
Step 1: choose Modify an Animation option and click the next button

Step: Modify windows will show, drag and drop a .gif file to be modified.

You can add frame,delete frame, extraction and save frame, set animation size and delay time.
click play/stop button to preview the animation.

click the save animation button to save the animation file.